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I could not be more excited to share the incredible news that the Little Black Book has been acquired for publication by 4th Estate. Hands down the best Christmas present I've EVER gotten, and a massive 'pinch myself' moment, given that 4th Estate really are the bee's knees when it comes to publishers - they've published some of the most iconic and genre-defining women of our time, including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (no big deal) and Lena Dunham. I'm also thrilled to be working on this with the ultimate dream team in 4th Estate's Publicity and Publishing Director Michelle Kane and my agent at RCW Emma Paterson, who are both utterly brilliant at what they do.

And, above all - I am beyond excited about what this means for the Women Who community, and very grateful to all the amazing ladies who've supported so far. Special shout out to the woman who, having read the book, decided to pass it on to her friend in publishing - and in doing so got this whole ball rolling... A testament to the power of community, non?

The book will be on bookshelves next June, with fewer typos (the perks of working with a proper publisher!) and more helpful advice for your working life - so mark the date in your diaries now...


This is just the beginning.