So – September is upon us, which means it’s officially the end of summer, and the end of the slow summer days and hazy nights we’d all started getting used to. Despite no longer being at school, like many people I’m hard-wired to associate the month of September with fresh starts and new beginnings. I always get a little surge of motivation at this time of year, and a burst of excitement at what feels like a blank slate full of endless possibilities.

Back To School Women Who

Sure, I’m sad to see the end of summer – but there’s also a not-so-small part of me that’s really looking forward to the weeks and months ahead. The heat and humidity of summer tends to make my brain work more slowly than usual, and I feel like I spend most of my energy during the summer months just trying to stay cool. As the weather cools down, I find that I have more energy and find it easier to actually just think – and I’m looking forward to channelling that extra energy and clarity of thought into ideas and projects that have been floating around on the periphery of my to-do list all summer. Plus, my ‘new term’ ritual of buying new stationery and work supplies every September makes saying goodbye to summer a little bit sweeter (and hey, if you want to stretch your definition of ‘work supplies’ to justify buying yourself some new clothes, you’ll find no judgement here).

So, I’ve sharpened my pencils and decluttered my desk; bought myself a fresh Moleskine and set myself a few goals. Is there anything that can top the promise and potential of a blank page?

I’m not sure there is.