The Roundup
This week's WCW: Beyonce, and her incredible look(s) at this year's Grammy Awards.

This week's WCW: Beyonce, and her incredible look(s) at this year's Grammy Awards.

Like a lot of people, I was surprised to wake up on Monday morning to find that Beyoncé’s Lemonade had been overlooked by the Grammy Awards for Album of The Year, given that it was by far and away the best album in the category, and incidentally one of her best albums to date.

It was a reminder that even at the highest level, all creatives have to undergo rejection and deal with disappointment. It's part and parcel of doing creative work, and putting your ideas out into the world for public consumption - not everyone’s going to recognise or appreciate your work (not that Bey’s exactly short of accolades). What's important is that you keep going, and keep working on your craft. A valuable lesson, no matter what level you’re at.


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Just a little reminder that our Thinking About Design event is on at Ace Hotel London tonight. We’ll be in the gorgeous 100 Room (on the 7th Floor) and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you there! For those who didn’t manage to get their hands on a ticket – or are a little further afield – we’ll be live tweeting and ‘gramming the Q&A section of the evening, so you’ll still be able to pick up a few pearls of wisdom from our esteemed panellists :)
High up on my to-do list at the moment is paying a visit to the Tate Britain’s Hockney retrospective, which opened last week. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard such glowing praise of an exhibition from friends before, so I’m keen to check it out for myself.

Immigrants! We get the job done. Feel free to forward this on to Donald Trump, who clearly hasn’t gotten the memo (and whilst you’re at it, check out 25 of your favourite women talking about their immigrant roots).

One artist who has gotten the recognition they deserve this week is my friend Mary Stephenson, who’s wonderfully subversive ‘My Man’ series was featured in the New York Times yesterday (and on her birthday no less). Big up ya self Mary!

Whilst we’re recognising talent – check out this It’s Nice That article on another of my uber-talented pals, artist/illustrator/designer/polymath Kelly Anna, who’s work has been worn by the likes of Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne (casual). The two of us are plotting something very cool for you ladies which I’ll be announcing soon, so stay tuned…

It’s a twofer on reading material this week. First up: Homegoing, by author Yaa Gyasi, which is one of the most arresting and beautifully crafted novels I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. If you’ve somehow missed the hype surrounding this stunning debut novel, get yourself up to speed asap. Also on my mind: Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s latest offering. I managed to get my hands on an advance copy last week, and now I’m just waiting for everyone else to read it so I have someone to talk about it with! Pre-order it here.
LinkedIn has (finally) had a little spring refresh. Spend 5 minutes updating your profile today – here's what to focus on.

One for the New York crew – here are some great resources for female entrepreneurs courtesy of Bond St, which is generally full of great advice for small business owners.

I really enjoyed this Fast Company article on the future of branding, and what businesses need to do to stay relevant in the ever-changing consumer economy. 

And finally...Since I swapped my 9-5 for self-employment some time ago, more than ever I've felt the need to make sure that I’m constantly learning new skills and honing existing ones, given that I no longer have a manager or HR department looking out for me on that front. Particularly for those who do creative work, an ability (and willingness) to master new skills is crucial to career success. No need to just take my word for it though – here are the clever people over at Harvard explaining why.