This week's WCW: Emily Weiss, CEO of beauty brand Glossier, because she’s the dictionary definition of a game-changer. Photographed by Naj Jamai for Violet Grey.

This week's WCW: Emily Weiss, CEO of beauty brand Glossier, because she’s the dictionary definition of a game-changer. Photographed by Naj Jamai for Violet Grey.

With the Spring Equinox already behind us, and the clocks going forwards (or is it backwards? I always forget) for us Brits next weekend, it’s safe to say that spring hasofficially sprung – and I for one am pretty frickin' excited about the season ahead. If you’re a regular on the Women Who blog, you’ll know that I’m a big believer in the ability of the seasons to affect your mindset and the way you work, and for me (and doubtless many others) spring is very much the time to clear out some mental cobwebs, and an opportunity to refresh and renew across the board.
To help you do that, I’ll be sharing plenty of ideas on how you can ring the changes inside and outside of the office in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled for those. In the meantime: enjoy this week’s mailing.
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First up: dive in to The Cut’s Spring Fashion issue for their characteristically intelligent fashion coverage, as well as a few non-clichéd ideas on how to refresh your wardrobe for the (hopefully) warmer weather ahead.

I’m a sucker for cute stationery, so this roundup of the chicest desk accessories from Vogue is right up my street. I. Want. Everything.
Last week I took part in a panel discussion on Imposter Syndrome at General Assembly, which turned out to be an incredibly eye-opening (and surprisingly cathartic!) exercise. Also on the panel with me was confidence coach Kate Atkin, who shared psychologist Carol Dweck’s ‘fixed vs. growth mindset' research, which I’ve been thinking about ever since. If Imposter Syndrome is something you suffer from, I highly recommend you read this thought exercise on how to flip the script and adopt a more positive outlook.
One of the key things we talked about at our Thinking About Design event last month (recap here if you missed it) was the importance of being able to communicate your ideas well in writing. If words aren’t your forte, check out Fast Company’s selection of the best books and essays for designers want to hone their writing skills, which FYI is just as relevant to those of us who work outside of the design industry too.
Here at Women Who, we love a good female founder story, and Glossier’s Emily Weiss more than fits that bill. Read her conversation with beauty website Violet Grey to find out more about her mission to democratize beauty, and - more importantly - to get the 411 on her daily routine.

Who needs creative directors anyway? The New York Times asks the question.

If you’ve ever visited iconic Parisienne concept store Colette, then you’ll know how truly special it is. I was totally charmed by this feature delving into the mother-daughter duo behind one of the most famous French boutiques around, which celebrates it’s 20thanniversary this month.
Shout out to Buzzfeed for this very important article spotlighting the young black women breaking their way into Britain’s publishing industry – including yours truly! Don’t forget: you can pre-order your copy of the Little Black Book over on Amazon right now.
In other news, you can do better than using the word ‘oversaw’ on your CV.
Get creative.
And finally, Oliver Burkeman’s regular ‘this column will change your life’ slot in The Guardian is generally a source of interesting and thought-provoking ideas, and his latest offering on overcoming writer’s block is no different. Short, sharp, and to the point.