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This week's WCW: Every woman, everywhere, but especially the ones in this community – ‘ppreciate ya <3 Photo by Felicity Davies.

This week's WCW: Every woman, everywhere, but especially the ones in this community – ‘ppreciate ya <3
Photo by Felicity Davies.

First things first: happy International Women’s Day! I’ve been utterly amazed (and delighted) by the incredible amount of women-led programming happening around the globe this year. For me it feels like proof that – despite the many obstacles we face as women trying to make our way in the world – in 2017 women are more unified, more vocal, and more determined to have their voices heard than ever before. Hip hip hooray!

On a personal note, I feel very lucky to be a woman right now, and extremely grateful that I get to meet so many brilliant, hard-working women on a daily basis. So today – and every day – remember to celebrate the women in your life, and to continue to surround yourself with strong women at every turn.
And speaking of celebrations (see what I did there...?), I’m super-excited for tonight’s Women’s Day Party, and looking forward to seeing those of you who’ve got a ticket (or ten!? – shout out to that baller) later. Tickets have unfortunately now completely sold out, but if you missed out this time, rest assured there’ll be many more parties to come :)

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The lovely people over at It’s Nice That asked me to pick my five favourite books of all time to share with their readers (which turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task!). Skip on over to their website to find out more about the books (and authors) that have made a lasting impression on me.
Huge thanks to Time Out London for featuring Women Who as one of the “coolest work collectives for women” around, in a piece about the women-led communities using solidarity as a sledgehammer. Patriarchy, consider yourself warned.

Shout out to The Dots as well for asking me to be part of their Female Creative Leaders project this year! Check out the ten amazing women I think are going to define the creative industries over the coming years.
Ever feel like you spend all your time rushing from meeting to meeting, only barely managing to squeeze in your ‘real’ work in between? If that sounds like you, you might want to try establishing one meeting-free day a week. This article from the Harvard Business Review breaks down why that’s a good idea, and exactly how to make it happen.
…But when you do have meetings in the diary, here’s a handy guide to running a tight ship and making sure they’re as productive as possible.
I couldn’t agree more with these three lessons all women eventually learn when it comes to work (example: "you are your own best advocate"). Find out what the other two are, and save yourself having to learn them the hard way over on Forbes.

A book recommendation courtesy of Women Who community member Marina Esmeraldo: How To Thrive in the Digital Age. The School of Life books are reliably awesome (check out another one of my favourites here) so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this one, which promises to help you stay sane in an increasingly hyper-connected world. Amen to that.
The podcast formerly known as PanDolly is back, with a new name, a new jingle, but the same hilarious, pop-culture obsessed hosts. If you’re not already subscribed to Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton’s new podcast The High Low Show, what the hell are you waiting for?!
I highly recommend you check out this article on five easy ways to manage your stress levels, which steers clear of the usual clichéd suggestions you often hear. I've already started implementing a couple of their ideas to great effect. 
Finally – I absolutely love Vogue’s American Women project, commissioned to celebrate their 125th anniversary. A series of stunning portraits and articles, it’s an extraordinary review of the lives of women from across every strata of American society. Don’t miss it.