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This week's WCW: Birthday girl Rihanna channelling Amelia Earhart for the March issue of Harper's Bazaar.

This week's WCW: Birthday girl Rihanna channelling Amelia Earhart for the March issue of Harper's Bazaar.

In the face of a seemingly Hydra-eque to-do list, it’s easy to find yourself falling into the early mornings/late nights trap more often than is strictly sensible - but working every hour of the day really isn't the key to productivity (or sanity). If that sounds like you, this week try to spend a few minutes thinking about how you can be more strategic with your time and energy, aided and abetted by a few of the articles in this week’s mailing.

I've also got a couple of exciting announcements to share with you, including a very fun International Women's Day event I've been beavering away on for the past couple of weeks! More on that - and some super-cool book news - below.

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I’m so pleased to announce that Women Who is teaming up with super-talented artist and print designer Kelly Anna for a very special International Women’s Day celebration next month! Join us on Wednesday March 8th for a print design workshop, with DJs Zezi Ifore and Kim and Pia from NTS on the decks, and the crew at Rita’s whipping up some delicious gin cocktails to keep us refreshed –  plus you’ll get to take home an exclusive (and limited edition) NikeWomen x Kelly Anna gift.
As always, tickets are first come, first served – so be quick!
Another announcement (which you might already have spotted on the ‘gram): the new cover for the Little Black Book! As well as it's delightful new pretty-in-pink makeover, the LBB 2.0 also covers a bunch of new topics, and includes words of wisdom from even more incredible creative women (including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie!). Have I sold it enough? Yes? Then pre-order it for you and 10,000 of your closest friends here. Credit to art director Julian Humphries at 4th Estate for the beautiful cover too.
In honour of fashion month, here’s a cool story from Fast Company about a former Vogue staffer who created the world’s first fashion search engine. As with all the very best business ideas, TAGWALK founder Alexandra Van Houtte identified a problem, and then set about building a solution to fix it. Business 101, basically.
“Chasing the urgent at the expense of the strategic” – sound familiar? Here’s some advice on how to avoid being distracted by the minutiae of day-to-day working life, and keeping the bigger picture in mind.

As one of the most audacious, business-savvy, and trend-setting musicians around, Rihanna’s career is nothing short of a phenomenon. To celebrate her 29th birthday, W Magazine commissioned 17 writers to reflect on the modern-day pop icon.

Never not loving Call Your Girlfriend (“a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere”), but the latest episode in which hosts Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow discuss how to ‘achieve more by doing less’ was music to my slightly overworked ears.
Sticking to the 'do more, work less' theme (sounds good doesn't it) – here’s a roundup of the best time-saving tech for those of us who work from home.
Also from The Guardian, this article on how to escape the overthinking trap will resonate with pretty much anyone who’s ever found themselves unfavourably comparing themselves to other people, or worrying waaaaay too much about what others think about them… So pretty much all of us then.
Finally – ever noticed that there’s a lot of advice out there on how to succeed at a job interview, but considerably less on how to run one? As you progress in your career, chances are you’ll occasionally find yourself on the other side of the table, so here’s some guidance from the New York Times on how to approach that when you do.