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To celebrate International Women’s Day last Wednesday, Women Who teamed up with multi-talented artist and print designer Kelly Anna to host a Women’s Day Party at Mother London – and what a night it was. 170 (!) of London’s creative women descended on Redchurch St (just a stone’s throw from where we hosted our launch event) for an evening of crafts, cocktails, and bonding over our mutual inability to colour within the lines (or was that just me?). It was the perfect way to spend International Women’s Day, and a reminder of the magic that happens when you get a bunch of women – and a couple of drinks – in a room together.

Huge thanks to all of the wonderful people who made it possible, including cocktail maestro Missy Flynn and the crew from Rita’s Dining, who whipped up those delicious Tanqueray-based cocktails using Jamu Kitchen’s zingy tonics; Zezi Ifore and Kim and Pia for the tunes; Winsor and Newton for all those marker pens; Blackwater Studios for the tshirts; and NikeWomen for those gorgeous (Kelly Anna-designed) tote bags!

And finally - given that the cocktails were such a hit, Missy has very kindly provided us with the recipe for both (below) - so you can recreate them in the comfort of your own home.. I'll drink to that!

The Photos


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The Cocktails



  • Pour out your gin (we used Tanqueray No.10) into a jug and quick-infuse with dried hibiscus flowers - available online, or at plenty of Caribbean grocers as 'sorrel'. The alcohol will absorb the colour and flavour within 5-7 minutes, so don't worry about doing this too far in advance.

  • Strain off the flowers, squeezing out any excess liquid - you can keep these gin-soaked flowers to use as a garnish. The gin can be used immediately, or saved in the fridge until you need it.
  • Pour your preferred measure of gin into a glass filled with ice.
  • Add a good quality tonic water (e.g. Schweppes).
  • Garnish with a slice of lemon and some edible flowers - or the hibiscus flowers you used to infuse the gin.




  • Pour a 25ml measure of Tanqueray No.10 into a glass filled with ice.
  • Add 25ml of Jamu (we got ours from Jamu Kitchen, but you can make your own at home!) 
  • Top up with good quality ginger ale (e.g. Fever Tree) - nothing too sweet, and not ginger beer as that will overpower the other flavours.
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint.


To keep your custom Women Who x Kelly Anna t-shirts looking fresh...

  • Hand-wash only (I know)
  • Don't iron the print directly
  • No tumble dryers

Over and out!


On a warm summer's evening last month, a crowd of women descended on Redchurch St for the inaugural Women Who event, sipping ginger ale cocktails before settling in for a discussion on ‘Creativity vs Commerce’. 

What followed was an animated – and honest – conversation between panellists Pilar Peace (Art Director at Mother London), Lynette Nylander (Deputy Editor of i-D), and Rosh Mahtani (Founder of Alighieri), as they discussed the complex relationship between creativity and commerce for working creatives, and the challenge of trying to balance those two, often competing, goals.  Covering off a wide range of creative fields between them, our three panellists shared insights on everything from the role of social media and the rise of ‘influencers’, to the changing meaning of the word 'commercial' within creative circles, and the working models that work for emerging creatives (as well as those that don’t!). 

A massive thank you to everyone who came and chatted, laughed, drank, asked questions - and generally created such an incredible atmosphere. Thanks also to Hines for providing the delicious drinks, and to the gorgeous (and aptly named) Modern Society boutique for hosting the event.

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