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Here at Women Who we want to make life as easy for you as possible, which is why we've created The Roundup: a carefully curated weekly newsletter full of articles, ideas, and recommendations we think you'll be into. Think of it as a little Wednesday pick-me-up to help you get through that dreaded midweek slump.

Excellent. Cliché-free advice
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— The Sunday Times Style

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Love Wednesdays for the Women Who newsletter. Always feel motivated on my commute home #WednesdayWisdom.
— @curly_annh
The Women Who newsletter is consistently brilliant - I find myself clicking on every single link in almost every edition. Well worth subscribing.
— @flo_robson

This is the only newsletter I read consistently on a weekly basis and if you’re not getting it yet then what are you even doing with your life?
— @sofyadoeswords
The only newsletter I seek out in my inbox.
— @catrionaroseann

If you’re a woman in the creative/freelance industries, I definitely recommend the Women Who newsletter.
— @alexsheppard
One of the highlights of my week is when the Women Who newsletter lands in my inbox. Each week it seems to speak directly to me, sending articles about the *exact* things that have been on my mind. If you haven’t already subscribed, do it now.
— @logillett

I can’t recommend the Women Who newsletter enough. I recently went on an unsubscribe frenzy, but this one breezed through the cull.
— @emelrizwani
Women Who’s The Roundup is the best ‘curate the web’ email on my roster.
— @tararawan