A bit about Otegha



Hi there! I'm Otegha - the woman who created this community.

The lightbulb moment that inspired Women Who happened when I was at something of a career crossroads, completely unsure of what to do next, and knowing only that I was desperate for more freedom and creative fulfilment from my career. It also happened to be a period where I wasn't working with many other women, which is no coincidence – my most rewarding professional relationships have almost always been with other women, and my biggest breakthroughs and best ideas tend to come from those relationships.

Knowing that my own experiences couldn't be unique, I decided to combine the things I’m most inspired by – creativity, women, and work – into a platform that could provide support and inspiration for working women everywhere, and so Women Who was born.

Otegha Uwagba, Founder of Women Who

Besides running Women Who, I’m also a Sunday Times bestselling author (and currently working on my second book – more on that here), an experienced speaker, and consult for a range of brands and businesses.

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