004: Sabine Zetteler. Promoting Projects. Rude Clients.

This month we’ve got Sabine Zetteler in the hotseat, founder of one of the creative industries’ foremost PR agencies, Zetteler. Sabine is a PR maestro, so of course she shared her advice on how best to promote your projects and ideas at launch; and we also talked about how (and when) to scale from being a one-woman ‘solopreneur’ to running a fully-fledged business of many. Plus – advice on how to deal with rude clients as a freelancer, in this month’s segment of Ask Otegha.

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003: Lana Elie. Business 101. Getting Your Dues

This month I’m in conversation with Lana Elie, founder of luxury e-florist Floom. From how to put together a business plan, to the pros and cons of crowdfunding, and how to manage and motivate a fast-growing team, think of this conversation as Biz 101 for budding entrepreneurs. Plus – my advice for someone who thinks they’re being treated differently at work because they’re a woman.

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002: Zing Tsjeng. Female Competition. Starting From Scratch.

On this month’s episode I’m talking to journalist Zing Tsjeng, the UK editor of Broadly (VICE’s female-focused channel), about everything from how best to pitch editors as a writer, to her experiences as an outspoken woman – and woman of colour – online.

Plus, I share some thoughts and reading recommendations on female competition in the workplace, advise a listener trying to pivot from a corporate field to a more creative role, and counsel a recent grad struggling to get their foot on the career ladder.

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001: Serena Guen. Freelancing. Bossy Colleagues.

For our very first episode, we talk to Serena Guen, founder and CEO of multimedia travel brand SUITCASE, best known for its travel and fashion-inspired quarterly magazine.

Plus – we hear from a freelancer who’s having trouble getting her clients to pay her, and offer some advice on how to cope if you’re struggling with a bossy co-worker (who isn’t actually your boss).

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