018: Elizabeth Day

“Everyone experiences failure, but not everyone is honest about it, so it can sometimes seem as if everyone else has perfect lives - and that adds to your sense of personal failure".

Elizabeth Day is an ward-winning journalist, acclaimed author, creator of the hugely popular How To Fail podcast - and now author of a forthcoming book of the same name - and on this month's episode we cover everything from feeling like an outsider at work and surviving male-dominated newsrooms, to the major career change that helped her realise her value, and how she gained enough agency to start saying no at work.

Also on the agenda: dealing with criticism and learning to filter out bad opinions. Not relying on external validation to justify your work. The value of sharing your personal experiences with other people.

How To Fail (4th Estate) out on April 4th.

Find Elizabeth on Twitter/Instagram (@elizabday).

Otegha Uwagba