A workshop created to help you find solutions to your career challenges.


Are you stuck in a career rut? Desperate to make a change but not quite sure how to go about it? Need a sounding board for a project you’re working on, or some tips on navigating your next career move?

Introducing The Roundtables: a new event format from Women Who, created specifically to help you address those all-too-common career challenges. Part mentor session, part careers clinic, each Roundtable consists of a structured 3-hour workshop led by Otegha Uwagba, founder of Women Who (find out more about her over here) in an intimate and relaxed environment.

Roundtables are a place for you to throw around ideas, to build your network, and get advice from a group of like-minded women.

A place to talk things through, and talk things out – because being a working woman is hard enough without going it alone.



“It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and the well selected, strong group of women on Saturday. It was a very powerful session and I wanted to thank you for it and your feedback on the day.”

- Rebeca

“Coming together with likeminded women discussing career challenges felt extremely liberating. Thank you for being such a wonderful host and for all those practical tips.”

- Juliane

“Thank you for creating a relaxed and warm space to share our experiences and to be seen and held by you and the other brilliant women in the room. Talking openly helped us to gain clarity, to recognise the strengths in others and ourselves, and ultimately to take a positive step towards our collective self-worth.”

- Lyndsay

“I found it incredibly inspiring and the curation was top notch - I particularly enjoyed the format of the session and how Otegha put everyone at ease and made our group feel safe from the beginning. Thanks to her I felt most of us let go and opened up. Personally our conversation made me feel valued, supported, regenerated, inspired, uplifted and empowered. I was moved to see how involved everyone was in addressing each other’s problems. In a nutshell, it was probably one of the most beautiful moments of sisterhood I have ever experienced.”

- Anne

“I really enjoyed the Roundtable. Tt was great to meet some interesting and inspiring women and have a space to share our experiences and struggles - and also to hear from Otegha and her experience. I would definitely recommend it to other people.”

- Grace



How does it work?

Roundtables are a 3-hour guided session led by Otegha – think part career clinic, part mentoring session, part group chat.  They’re the ideal space to workshop your ideas and get a second (and third… and fourth) opinion on your next career move.

How many of us will there be?

Each session will comprise of eight women in total, with each member of the group having an allotted period to share their challenges and questions before we workshop solutions as a group. The way we see it, if two heads are better than one, eight heads must be pretty bloody great.

So… who’s doing the mentoring?

You are – our Roundtables are all about embracing the power of peer-to-peer mentoring. Sessions will be led by Otegha as part of a structured format of goals-focused troubleshooting and strategising.

Who are these workshops for?

Everyone. You don’t need to be working in the creative industries or self-employed to apply. Roundtables are all about encouraging women with different skill sets to connect and share resources. Each group will be carefully curated so you’re paired up with women relevant to your interests – all we ask is that you come prepared to listen, and share ideas.

How much does it cost?

Our initial sessions are priced at a special introductory rate of £99, payable in advance. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a student discount at this time.

Where and when?

Our first Roundtable will be hosted at Mortimer House on Saturday September 29th at 9.30am.

What else do I get?

Besides a free download of our Dream CV Planner (usual price £10), after your session you’ll also get access to a private Roundtable Alumni Facebook group, where you can carry on conversations, ask questions, and share resources. All future Roundtable participants will also gain access to the Facebook group, so your network will continue to expand long after your own session.

Okay I’m in – how do I apply?

Easy! Just fill out our application form (click the button below), and someone will get back to you. Please only apply if you’re seriously interested in attending, as each group will be selected from the pool of existing applicants.