"The ultimate starter kit for women looking to kickstart the hunt for their dream job."

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*Please note this workbook was previously sold as The Dream CV Planner, so there is no need to repurchase if you already own the Planner.

The Goal Setting Guide is a careers resource designed to help you identify what a successful and fulfilling career looks like for you – and figure out what you need to do to make it happen. With the help of some straightforward thought exercises and an easy-to-use practical framework, this printable workbook will allow you to:

  • Explore your career values and key motivations

  • Identify key career goals

  • Identify the actions required to achieve said goals

  • Develop a personal career road map

This is a unique resource you’ll turn to time and time again as your circumstances change, and as you achieve the career milestones you initially set out to achieve. Whether you’re a 9 - 5er or self-employed, this guide will equip you with the structure you need to begin turning your career dreams into reality.

16 page digital download, to be printed at home.

This workbook is for personal use only. If you're an employer interested in licensing the Personal Branding Toolkit for large groups, get in touch

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I used the Goal Setting Guide, and it changed my life.
— Margaux
All the tools I needed to reflect on what I’ve been doing so far, where I’m at now, and formulate a badass plan for the year ahead. Thank you for putting together such a great little toolkit.
— Naomi
The Goal Setting Guide has helped me define my core values, imagine possible career tracks, and set precise goals. Highly recommended if you’re in a situation where you’d like to connect the dots of your career anew.
— Katalin
The Goal Setting Guide helped me gather my thoughts and wishes for the future, and provided me with helpful insight on how I can best get to where I want to be. I recommend it to everyone who is stuck in a rut, and in need of a gentle push to find their way back on track.
— Sanne
The Goal Setting Guide helped me to think about what I envision for my career, in both the everyday and long term achievements. It’s a tool I constantly refer back to as I progress, and a reminder that it is possible to be gratified with my current position while I actively plan for my future goals.
— Grace